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They Made the Switch

Clean Beauty Enthusiast, Rafeeka, Trusts Pink Panty

Beauty blogger, Rafeeka believes that beauty comes from within. Traditional period products not only cause the body to absorb microplastics, they are also detrimental to the environment. A reusable, reliable and safe option is Pink Panty. It is organic, natural and completely free of plastic!


Professional Surfer & Mental Health Advocate, Laura Loves Pink Panty

For Laura, a professional surfer, mental health and sport advocate, the oceans hold a very important place. She believes that there is no more room for period plastic in the oceans. Thank God for Pink Panty; A plastic-free, reliable answer to the plastic-free periods!


Cold Water Swimmer and Environmental Advocate, Sophie, Believes in Pink Panty

When Sustainability Activist and cold-water swimmer, Sophie Hellyer realised that period plastics are the fifth most common items found on the beaches of Europe, she vowed to do her bit and switch to Pink Panty. Our Oceans are precious, let's pledge to stop filling them with plastic!


Vanessa, Ice and Roller Skater Loves Pink Panty

For a dedicated and accomplished ice-skater like Vanessa, periods can never be an excuse to not show up! That's why Pink Panty is her best bet.
They're discreet under her ice-skating costumes and they prevent her from leaking!

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NOW is the time to make the switch. Do it for you and for the planet ! 

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