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Pink Panty Gives Back

True Fact

An estimated 9 million girls in Africa aged 10 to 18 miss around a quarter of the school year due to a lack of sanitary protection.

There’s a name for this: Period Poverty

We believe that every action can have an impact. And as a feminine hygiene brand, we have a duty to help wipe out period poverty.

Our team likes collaborating with others and making new connections. So we met up with Gabrielle from Chances For Children (C4C), a charity which aims to offer care, protection and love by establishing a Children’s Village in Uganda. 

We were humbled by their amazing work, so together we set up a clear, ambitious objective:

To give all teenage girls at the orphanage access to reusable period panties. 


So for each set of PP you buy, we give a period panty to a teenager in need.

C4C Vision

Our vision is to build a permanent home for them and offer them love, stability and guidance as they pursue their education and get established in life.

We believe every child has a fundamental right to parental care, a balanced varied diet, a roof over their head, clothes to wear, an education and a nurturing environment that cultivates independence and communal responsibility.

We hope a good percentage of our children will continue through to higher education, broaden their horizons and travel internationally.

We also plan to build partnerships with international schools outside Uganda.

Find out more at Chances For Children (C4C).

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