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The Brand

It all started there…

Periods Are Not A Problem Anymore. Period!

”Like many women, I found my first period traumatic. I believed for many years that it was a real taboo, a subject to hide, and this mindset caused me a lot of emotional and physical problems. But it was wrong – periods are NOT a problem.” Jeisa Chiminazzo

The feelings experienced by Jeisa – and so many other women – gave her the idea to create Pink Panty and they’re at the root of everything we do. The company was born out of a fierce desire to allow women to feel secure during their periods and experience them in the simplest way. Periods are not something to hide – your cycle is a natural part of life.

When we started this adventure, we wanted to come up with an eco-friendly product that women could use every day of their period. It took us two years to develop – and we’ve found a solution that’s healthier, greener and comfier than what’s been available before.

The results have exceeded our expectations. And we hope every woman who tries our product never fully returns to using traditional solutions.

Pink Panty isn’t just a smart answer to managing periods, it’s a statement about the need to respect them. 

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