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Hair removal, body under stress

"Women come to organize their lives and their physical postures around depilation, unable to show their hair either publicly or in their private lives" Miléna Younès-Linhart.


What’s wrong with hair!

From adolescence, hair becomes a source of insecurity for young girls.
Society does not display any image of a woman in her natural state, many children even think that women have no hair!
It is therefore a real shock when, at puberty, our body changes and the hairiness appears. How many girls then consider themselves "repulsive"?

"The first time I epilated, I took my mother's epilator, I was on the white tiles in the bathroom. I stopped every thirty seconds because it hurts too much. It went on for hours ... and you internalized it as a normal situation, no wonder you had such low self-esteem afterwards. "

Society pushes people to believe that to be a woman you have to be beardless. From an early age, we want to be taught to bear all the sacrifices in the hope of getting better. Don’t you have to suffer to be beautiful?!
Today we all know the difficulties we face with hair removal. Between the expenses of the sessions in institute, razors, wax, electric epilator, that can go up to hundreds of euros for those who opt for the laser. And the price hardly counts anymore compared to the pain of the hair being plucked, itching after the razor, ingrown hairs which become infected, burns due to the wax. Ah yes "you have to suffer to be beautiful" and the whole problem comes from this imposed definition of beauty.

Acceptance of female hair

In 2013, an IPSOS study showed that for 97% of French women, underarm hair removal is compulsory, and 81% for half-legs. Just before a date, women are more worried about their hair removal at 63%. We are so conditioned that some men even refuse to have sex with women because they have hair and it "disgusts" them.
Accepting one's hair also means reclaiming one's body, without the weight of men or society. Today, we can keep our hairs, color them, as an act of claim or not. But you can also choose to wax and do like everyone else, depending on how you feel best and most comfortable.

The "Januhairy" is an internet challenge that has invited women not to wax for a month. It was launched to fight the taboo of female hair removal. In reality, it has revealed more than just gaining confidence and time.

The mental load of invisible work, anticipation and organization carried out by women, is actually increased by the norm that a woman must be shaved. Many personalities have recently proudly exhibited their natural armpits. Among them, Lourdes Leon, Emily Ratajkowski, Miley Cyrus or Julia Roberts.

Like all change, it takes time, but society evolves! We must talk about it, democratize it, raise the debate, get out of prejudices and break the dictates of beauty. Because we are all beautiful in our own way. Because we all have hair and are free to do what we want with it. To depilate them ... or not!

Let's go together #lovemyhair
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