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Containment disrupts my menstrual cycle!


« What’s going on, I don’t have my period »

With confinement expanding, it is the daily lives of millions of people who find themselves upset. And women's biological clock is no exception to the rule!
Late menstruation or even total cessation of them ... Many of us have experienced a disruption in our menstrual cycle since the start of confinement. But don't worry, it's completely normal!

On Twitter, feminist director Ovidie launched a survey on delayed menstruation or amenorrhea - the absence of a menstrual cycle - since the start of confinement. Out of nearly 1,000 women who responded, 40% declared that they did not have their periods "normally" and 16.4% did not have them at all.

Containment, a "shock period"

Upset habits, anxiety-inducing information looping across all media, are all sources of massive stress that influences disruption of the menstrual cycle. Why?

"The rules are dependent on the hormonal system, which is governed by a gland in the brain, the pituitary gland, itself supervised by a neuro-hormonal system which is called the hypothalamus, completely receptive to the emotional mood of the moment, "says gynecologist Danièle Flaumenbaum to HuffPost.

The confinement also totally disrupted everyone's habits, both for outings, the pace of work or social life.

"We are in a period of shock, this is part of the consequences of these brutal trauma", adds the gynecologist.

Should we worry?

Doctor Danièle Flaumenbaum in the rest of her article reassures us about this phenomenon. This reaction of the body would even be normal due to the stressful and very particular period that we have all been going through since the beginning of the year 2020.

Confirmation that the rules are directly related to our emotional state, our environment and simply to Nature. And yes, we tend to forget it, but periods participate in the life cycle. Are we not talking about the menstrual cycle!
The absence of menstruation, also called amenorrhea, can have several causes: pregnancy, the pill, eating disorders, hormonal disturbance, menopause or even psychological shock.

It is therefore not uncommon, in this very particular period, where stress is daily, to observe a disturbed menstrual cycle. Nothing alarming, therefore, if this judgment does not continue beyond three months. Otherwise, it is advisable to make an appointment with your gynecologist.

In the meantime, the gynecologist advises to practice breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, meditation, listen to music, get into a dynamic or whatever suits us to relax, regain clarity of mind and be at peace with yourself.

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