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Our Mission?
Making you forget about your period.

We understand that tampons and pads aren't the best protection for everyone, so
we started looking for a more sustainable option that would work just as well.
Call us picky - but we tried several period underwear and could not find one that was
extremely effective, super comfortable, organic AND had the perfect fit.
So we designed our own panties that are made with OEKO-TEX® certified organic fabrics.

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How It Works

Thanks to our revolutionary 4-layer technology, our panties can
provide up to 12h of full protection, with no odours or wet feeling.
They are easy to wash and take care of — so that you can finally
spend less time worrying about period stains and more time
enjoying yourself.
We’ve got you covered.


You Have High Standards.
So Do We.

Super Absorbant

Tired of period leaks? Us too. 
Thanks to our innovative technology, our underwear can absorb up to 4 tampons'
worth of blood. So that you can enjoy
your day stress-free and focus on
what's really important. 


Because we use only soft, organic and
lightweight materials, our period proof
underwear is just as comfortable as
your regular cotton underwear. So
comfortable in fact, that you might
forget that you are on your period. 


We use only the best materials
available, to create durable products
that are better for the planet. Our panties are made of organic cotton & bamboo fibre & are certified to meet STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. This means they don't contain any nanoparticles or harmful chemicals. 

say it louder for the girls
in the back !

"First time trying this product and I’m super happy. I have heavy periods and have always had problems with leaks and stains. I had my concerns about smell and how much flow they could take but I’m surprised with how comfortable and safe I have felt! Highly recommend these knickers and I’ll be buying more!"


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